The Importance of Education 

To understand systemic racism, one must first be educated enough to tap into a higher level of critical thinking, and undeniably recognize the deprivation that racism has caused African Americans due to their inability to take part in the vast wealth of opportunities awarded to other races for hundreds of years, by giving African Americans the fairness to create their own paths for generational wealth. 




Although conversation is necessary, it can never replace the lack of knowledge about the true history of Jim Crow, Redling, slavery, segregation, inequality, and financing. Include the inability to own property and create generational for 400 years, and one can see the disproportionate wealth gap that millions of American families benefited from, but African Americans were excluded from. So we will be do our best to find as many resources as possible to help educate our members and corporate partners, and work together to change to scope of the real estate industry. 


AIREE's main focus is not to live in the past, but instead to focus on the future. But to accomplish this goal, we must first recognize where we came from in order to understand where we are going, and rid the real estate industry of old "Bad Habits" and ideologies ingrained in our society, for far too long.  Join AIREE today and lets work together to make a better tomorrow! 

Understanding the Past & Moving Forward

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Watch & Learn

One cannot change what they do not understand. So take the time to learn and be apart of the solution, rather than a "Being" in the mist of the problem.  

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