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Due to the generosity of our Corporate Partners, AIREE is offering it's Level III membership for free for a limited time. Applicants (excluding student members) will need to provide their professional state license number(s), and the organization their license is placed with, in for consideration of membership. Any application submitted incomplete or without a state license number will automatically be disqualified as an AIREE member. 

Who Can Apply for Membership?

  • Licensed individuals and businesses in the real estate and mortgage industries within the categories listed on the AIREE website *Click on the link to view the list. 

  • College students sponsored by AIREE, trade school, college, or Corporate Partner. 


We Collect Data for the Following

  • To better understand the AIREE Community and the needs of it's members. 

  • Provide services, resources, and training opportunities to members in their chosen field or for those considering making a career change in the real estate and mortgage industry. 

  • Gain insight about cities throughout the U.S. and work together as a community of professionals to do our part to help uplift other communities. 


Membership Levels

All individual memberships start as a Level III.


Cultivate Membership (Level II)

Cultivate Level is referral membership level that offers existing AIREE members (12 months or longer), the opportunity to gain access to some our top level leadership training resources, events, mentorship, grants/scholarships and other services, to help them start or expand their business.

Geared to  identify top leaders in the real estate industry with a strong passion create job growth, improve communities, and increase the number of licensed African Americans professionals in the real estate industry. 


Level III (Free for a limited time)

  • Free to licensed members, college and trade school students (*Must be referred by a trade school, college, AIREE members or staff for consideration) 

  • Access to the AIREE Group community & networks

  • Access to tools and other resources

* Cultivate (Level II)

  • Referral upgrade membership level 

  • Active and involved member for 12+ months in the AIREE Group Community

  • Complete online training courses

  • Annual membership fees apply

Business Partner (Level II-B)

  • Licensed small businesses (3-24 employees) in the categories listed on the AIREE website

  • Active and involved member for 12+ months in the AIREE Group Community

  • Complete online training courses

  • Annual membership fees apply

Corporate Partners (Level I-C & Level I-D)

  • Organizations with 25+ employees in the categories listed on the AIREE website, retail, technology, services, and education. 

  • Corporate Partner Member (Level I-C) - starting at $150k+

  • Corporate Partner Member (Level I-D) - starting at $500k+

  • Access to AIREE Diversity Training & Consulting Services (*Additional fees may apply)

  • Access to Townhall meetings, webinars, and special invites to events

  • Much more 

Due to the high volume of applicants, please allow up to 30 days to receive a status on our application. Once approved, a welcome email will be sent to all new members.  

AIREE Member Benefits

  • The ability to engage with peers who share a diverse perspective in their chosen fields and can give insight on ways to advance your career or grow your business. 

  • Networking with African American professionals who understand the distinct opportunities and the competitive world of the real estate and mortgage industries.

  • Access to employment opportunities in the real estate and mortgage sector. 

  • Online community forums.

  • Invites to networking events and annual conferences.​

  • Access to professional development programs, webinars, and business growth events by top leaders in the real estate and mortgage industries. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • Annual scholarship and grant opportunities to apply for towards certifications, additional education, business operations, or starting your own business. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • Discounts to exclusive AIREE Travel Tours. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • VIP invites to take part in community development projects and town meetings. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • Invites to VIP leadership events, trainings, and webinars. *Available only to Cultivate members

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