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The Black Belt Region of the United States is the birthplace of America's wealth. This geographical area produced cotton for the world, developed Wall Street; all of which was maintained by the systematic and generational enslavement of African people for hundreds of years. During this “Cotton Boom” the cotton, which was also known as "white gold,” brought great wealth to slave owners and made the region home to large communities of Black farmers. Although some of the Black farmers became wealthy, most were enslaved.​​


Selma, Al.

​Many people think that the Black Belt was only in Alabama, but in

actuality, it stretched across several states including New York, New

Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, 

Florida, and other states.

​The Black Belt Regions were responsible for the creation of districts where

commerce, trade, and distribution allowed for the dollars produced in the

hubs to recycle itself 10 -12 times before leaving the Black Belt. This pulsation

insulated the wealth, and limited its holders, as mandated to Jim Crow laws.

This unbalanced distribution of wealth, financed institutions, and racism

allowed for permanent segregation of African Americans to a financial lower


The Proposed Black Belt Federal Credit Union is the first bank in the history of the Black Belt development that seeks to cultivate high financial intelligence through direct land and real estate ownership, intellectual property development, and a sophisticated business ecosystem that captures, inoculates, and redistributes wealth back into the system for the purpose to stabilizing the wealth of the descendants of the enslaved Africans who were sacrificed for hundreds of years, for the wealth of America.

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