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Who Can Apply for Membership?

  • Licensed individuals and businesses in the real estate and mortgage industries within the categories listed on the AIREE website. 

  • College students sponsored by AIREE, trade schools, colleges, or Corporate Partners. 




  • To better understand the AIREE Community and the needs of it's members. 

  • Provide services, resources, and training opportunities to members in their chosen field or for those considering making a career change in the real estate and mortgage industry. 

  • Gain insight about cities throughout the U.S. and work together as a community of professionals to do our part to help uplift other communities. 

Collecting Data

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AIREE Member Benefits

  • The ability to engage with peers who share a diverse perspective in their chosen fields and can give insight on ways to advance your career or grow your business. 

  • Networking with African American professionals who understand the distinct opportunities and the competitive world of the real estate and mortgage industries.

  • Access to employment opportunities in the real estate and mortgage sector. 

  • Online community forums.

  • Invites to network events and annual conferences.​

  • Access to professional development programs, webinars, and business growth events by top leaders in the real estate and mortgage industries. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • Annual scholarship and grant opportunities to apply for towards certifications, additional education, business operations, or starting your own business. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • Discounts to exclusive AIREE Travel Tours. *Available only to Cultivate members

  • VIP invites to take part in community development projects and town meetings. 

  • Invites to VIP leadership events, trainings, and webinars.

Become a Corporate Partner

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