What is AIREE?

Association of Independent Real Estate Experts (AIREE) is a non-profit national trade membership
association created to develop more Independent African American Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, and other real estate professionals in concert with corporate leaders, to help end systemic roadblocks in the industry so everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. 



Create an ecosystem to develop more Independent African American real estate brokers,  mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals to represent a minimum of 13% of

the total industry and closed business by 2045.     


"In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress."                   

- Booker T. Washington

As a corporate partner with AIREE, you will be supporting a community of Independent African American Real Estate Professionals, who over the years, have been overlooked in the industry as vital contributors in position to uplift, serve, and independently support their own communities.   


  • Commit to invest 1.3% or greater of your net income, over a period of 10 years to multiple causes and/or organizations

  • Volunteer to become a Business Mentor with AIREE

  • Offer paid Internships through AIREE 

  • ​Develop a Diversity Team - Create a team of African American leaders within the organization that can recognize and immediately address the issues of system roadblocks and toxic work environments.  

  • Hire an AIREE Consultant to help you train your Diversity Team

  • Provide additional grant and sponsorship programs within your own organization to help tackle the issues of housing, employment, education, access to technology, healthcare, and finances in communities with a high population of African Americans.  

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