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Association of Independent Real Estate Experts (AIREE) is a nonprofit national trade membership association created to develop more Independent African American Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, and other real estate professionals in concert with 

corporate leaders, to help end systemic racism in the industry, so that everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

Association of Independent Real Estate Experts 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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"All the other pleasures of life seem to wear out, but the pleasure of helping

others in distress never does."

- Julius Rosenwald, Founder of Sears

Upcoming Events

Fri, Dec 04
Remembering the Past by Investing in the Future of Selma
The Selma March to Montgomery opened the door of opportunity for African Americans that can never be erased


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Mailing Address: 

7320 E. Fletcher Ave.

Tampa, Fl. 33637

Email: info@aireegroup.com

Phone: 888-437-8006

Fax:  813-510-1953 

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